News is live

6 October 2014

We’re happy to announce that a new framework for integrated system modeling of wind plants has been released in its alpha version. The development of the Framework for Unified Systems Engineering and Design of Wind Plants (FUSED-Wind) is a collaboration between DTU Wind Energy and NREL to help standardize the way wind turbine and plant software models are integrated together for holistic systems analysis, design and optimization. The main website for the effort,, is live and the FUSED-Wind repository is now available for download at

The framework is under heavy development and we’re hard at work to update and document the different modules. You can follow the progress of our work here or on our repository as well as report issues or submit feature requests on either site. We are also actively looking to expand the network of FUSED-Wind collaborators and users. If you are the developer of a wind component, turbine or plant model and have interest in interfacing it with FUSED-Wind, we welcome your input on all aspects of FUSED-Wind development. FUSED-Wind is already the underlying framework for NREL’s recently released WISDEM software and DTU Wind Energy’s soon to be released TopFarm software.

Technical details: FUSED-Wind is built on OpenMDAO which is an open-source software from NASA Glenn Laboratories for multi-disciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO) of complex technical systems. It is designed specifically to support advanced analyses that combine several models of potentially varying levels of complexity together for MDAO, uncertainty quantification, design of experiments, and many more applications! FUSED-Wind provides structured methods for integrating wind turbine and plant specific software models together in OpenMDAO so that these models can be mixed and matched for a huge variety of different analyses.