Python 2.7.x, NumPy, SciPy > 0.14.0, OpenMDAO <=, Pandas

First install OpenMDAO. The most practical way of doing this is to clone into the OpenMDAO-Framework git repository since upgrading to new releases will then be a lot simpler. FUSED-Wind currently only supports OpenMDAO <= v0.10.3.2, since the framework has undergone significant changes since then, which have not yet been tested for FUSED-Wind.

$ cd git
$ git clone
$ git checkout

Alternatively, you can navigate to and follow the installation instructions for the v0.10.3.2 release.

Then run the following commands to download and install FUSED-Wind

$ git clone
$ cd fusedwind
$ plugin install

To check if the installation was successful try to import the module

$ python
> import fusedwind

or run the unit tests:

$ python -m unittest discover 'src/fusedwind/test' 'test_*.py'

An “OK” signifies that all the tests passed.

If you want to have the documentation available while offline, the documentation can be built locally on your machine using Sphinx. To do this you need to install a few dependencies:

pip install numpydoc sphinxcontrib-bibtex sphinxcontrib-zopeext sphinxcontrib-napoleon

Once installed, the docs can be built using the command

$ cd fusedwind/docs
$ make html

To view the docs open the file _build/html/index.html in a web browser.